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Hello lıllılı.ıllı.ılılıı

Welcome to my site! This is a project for 2024 where I want to create a space for myself. I'm very new to html and still learning so this site will change alot!

Where do I go from here?

I'm Damian, a 22 y/o college student who enjoys alot of things as you can see by this website. After complaining about how blogs should come back for months I decided to make a site! This site is a culmination of all my interests and things I want to get better at.

Some of my main interests are physical media (cds,dvds etc.), Spider-man, video games (specifically TLOZ and some others), dolls, early modern Europe, social history and various others to a lesser extent. I'll be making shrines of some of the stuff I enjoy and share my thoughts on others via my reviews page so go there if you want to see my opinions :>.

I hope you enjoy my site and maybe get something out of it! Visit my Neocities profile and follow me if you do, I want to know more people on here. Also if you like my code you're more than welcome to use it for inspo or as a whole, just please credit me thanks!.


Things I used to make this site!
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